We are happy to recommend the services of the following freelance associates.

Graham Robertson Publishing Services

Looking for independent advice to help you promote your academic book? Graham Robertson Publishing Services will bring nearly 20 years of marketing and copywriting expertise to your book project and boost your relationship with your publisher’s marketing team.

Claire Eudall

Claire Eudall is a freelance development editor specialising in developing text, artwork and online resources for science and technology undergraduate textbooks. Claire can be contacted via her website at

Hetty Marx

Hetty Marx works with academic authors and publishers, offering market research, textbook development, substantive editing and English language editing. She specialises in psychology and social sciences and can be contacted via her website:

Mark Rawson

Mark Rawson is a freelance translator, editor and writer, who provides native Chinese-speaking authors with the translation and editing assistance they often need to publish in English. He works in the humanities, social sciences and life sciences. He can be reached at